"I don't want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do. I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to doJ.P. Morgan"

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Ethnicity Pay Reporting

Due to the BLM movement and the recent revelations that Covid spread in poorer areas which often coincided with ethnically non-white populations it is highly likely that the Government will introduce ... Read More

Signing your Will during lockdown


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Is your Property and Finance Lasting Power of Attorney effective?

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Debt recovery during Covid-19

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Coronavirus and the suspension of possession claims

""As many of you are ... Read More

Getting your Will drafted and signed during the current crisis

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Looking at the impending law change on inheritance

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Self employed? How are things changing?

""If you are a self-employed IT specialist a ... Read More

Sale of Business Assets or Sale of Shares?

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Buying peace of mind this Christmas

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Putting it right - the benefits of a Deed of Variation

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Succession planning in a small business

""Why would your ... Read More

Why bother with a holding company?


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Has your customer not paid you? 5 reasons you should use a solicitor


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A more effective alternative to resolve your dispute

""IntroductionIf you’ve managed to get into a disagreement with someone whether that’s in connection with a ... Read More

Legal Update for Residential Landlords serving notice to tenants

""As of 01 June 2019 there is a new form to be used when issuing tenants s21 notices.The Assured Tenancies and ... Read More

Enforcing a debt – how to get what you’re owed

""I’ll let you in on a secret - if you’re trying to recover money from an individual partnership or company getting a ... Read More

Do you trust your wife?

""If you’re wondering where you’ve heard this before it’s a line from that great film The Shawshank ... Read More

Residential Landlords: Be aware of new legislation that could affect your property

""A quick reminder to all landlords; the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 comes into force from next ... Read More

"Over my dead body" - 4 ways to help protect your wishes and avoid your Will being challenged

""“Over my dead body!”That was the response I got from a client recently when on taking instructions for ... Read More

New Entrepreneurs - What you need to know to be successful

""Apparently according to Companies House Dorset is one of the favourite places in the UK to set up a new ... Read More

Making a Will: The New Year resolution you can keep

""New Year’s resolutions it’s that time ... Read More

The problem with trees this Christmas

To clarify this is not an article about the price of Christmas trees how to stop your pets from climbing them or how to stop them shedding needles all over ... Read More

New Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims

A new pre-action protocol for debt claims will come into force from 1st October 2017.This will apply to all businesses pursuing debts against individuals including those in business as sole traders. ... Read More

Wills And Probate Case Update

*** CASE UPDATE ***The Supreme Court’s ruling on Ilott v Blue Cross (formerly the Ilott v Mitson case) finally came out yesterday after the case was heard back in December 2016.By way of a ... Read More

The National Living Wage

The Government`s National Living Wage was introduced on 1 April 2016 for all working people aged 25 and over and is set ... Read More

What is the most essential element in your disaster recovery plan?

You are 50/50 owner and manager of a small limited company in which two of you (and some employees) work full time but divide up the duties of running a successful business.Your co-owner gets sick ... Read More

Disclosure of ultimate owner

From April 2016 there has been a statutory requirement to disclose the ultimate of any company registered in England and Wales. This requirement will need an additional page in your company books and ... Read More

Selling your house with large garden?

This is a tale of David (Dave to his mates) who lived in a picturesque suburb of a middle England town where he and his wife had lived for some 15 years.  The property was a typical 1930’s ... Read More

Brexit but where are you going to find your employees?

I met with some business owners at an event and started a conversation about Brexit. One director told me how he employed all European EU migrants on his production line mainly because he could not ... Read More

Landlords Beware

New regulations from 06 April 2016 mean owners of tenanted properties need to be aware of changes to the law on recovering possession. The Assured Tenancies and Agricultural Occupancies (Forms) ... Read More

New Law - Register of Persons with Significant Controls

The Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act which came into force in March 2015 has introduced the duty on the directors of a company to maintain a ‘Register of Persons with Significant ... Read More

New rates for National Minimum Wage

The current NMW rates from 1 October 2015 are: £6.70 for workers 21 and over £5.30 18-20 years £3.87 for 16-17 years who are above school leaving age but under 18 ... Read More

Court rules that travel time is working time

You can receive regular updates from ACAS about courses changes in the law and recent cases etc.This recent case law is important as it may take effect immediately under English law:The European ... Read More

National Minimum Wage Changes

We have heard about changes to the National Living Wage for the over 25s starting at £7.20 next year and rising to £9 an hour by 2020 but until then:National Minimum Wage rises from 01 ... Read More

News for employers of Reservists

News for employers of Reservists - two interesting changes to bolster plans to increase the numbers of Reservists in the Forces.  The statutory qualifying period for unfair dismissal will be ... Read More